Calgary Swimming Lessons

Our swim lessons follow the Lifesaving Society’s well-established Swim for Life® Program.

The Swim for Life® program has many different levels so participants can progress at a good pace and accomplish specific goals at each step. We worked closely with the Lifesaving Society to customize a program that ensures we continue to offer the same high level of instruction and competitive swimming options you have come to expect from our programming. Transitioning to the Swim for Life® program is an opportunity for us to align with many other facilities throughout the city, including the City of Calgary.

Whether transitioning from our current programming or another facility our charts below will help to determine what Swim for Life® level to enroll in:

  • Swim Program Transition Chart (moving from I Can Swim to Swim for Life®)
  • Swim Program Progression Chart (moving through the Swim for Life® programs)


Program Guide – Spring/Summer

Online MNPCSC Report Cards

Lifesaving Society Certificates

Fall Program Registration dates:

Members: July 17, 2023
Non-Members: July 31, 2023

Winter Program Registration dates:
Members: November 13, 2023
Non-Members: November 27, 2023

Spring & Summer Program Registration dates:
Members: February 12, 2024
Non-Members: February 26, 2024

For more information, please contact:

Phone: 403.355.1286

Why Choose MNP Community & Sport Centre Swim Programs?

  • Amazing instructors! Our team is passionate and knowledgeable about swimming and enjoy helping people of all ages learn in the water – we do it because we love it!
  • High quality programs! Our programs are tailored to meet your needs, while providing skill-based instruction to support development of strong swimmers.
  • Amazing facility! Swimmers will be inspired to learn and train in our water alongside international-level athletes! We have a warm shallow teach pool, two 50m pools and a dive tank to explore.
  • Easy access! We are centrally located in a prime location close to downtown. Great value! We offer a variety of programs for all ages and skill levels at competitive rates.

Curious about the progression of aquatic programs?

Download our aquatic lesson progression flowchart

Download our lifeguard and swim certification


Coming to us from another swimming program?

Download our swim program comparison chart

Swim Lessons

Parent & Tot

4 months – 3 years Active Start
The Lifesaving Society Parent and Tot program structures in-water interaction between parent and child to stress the importance of play in developing water-positive attitudes and skills. Activities and progressions are based on child development, so parents register in the level appropriate for their child’s age. Targeted Water Smart drowning prevention messages are an integral part of the Swim for Life® program.

Parent & Tot 1
Splish, splash, laugh – water can be so much fun! Babies just love to play in water. Parents with 4-12 month old babies will explore the water together under the watchful eyes of their instructor. They’ll learn how to safely enter and exit the water together. Parents will learn how to safely support their child while they discover water!

Parent & Tot 2
Water play – get set, get wet! Instructor lead sessions help parents with 12-24 month old children safely explore water together. Parents are taught how to support their child while floating and kicking. They can celebrate together when they can get their face wet and blow bubbles for the first time.

Parent & Tot 3
Just watch them grow! At 2-3 years these almost independent toddlers are really ready to explore: Getting in, getting out, going under and floating under the watchful eye of their parents and instructor.

Swim for Life® Preschool

3 years – 5 years
The Preschool program gives children a head start on learning to swim. Preschool Programs develop fundamental physical literacy skills for aquatic activities. In our preschool program we work to ensure 3-5 year olds become comfortable in the water and have fun developing a foundation of water skills. We incorporate Lifesaving Society Water Smart® education in all Preschool levels.

Preschool 1
Children become comfortable with their first independent water experiences.Preschoolers are introduced to entries/exits, safe movement in the water, submersion and breath control.

Preschool 2
For children who are comfortable submerging under-water. The focus of this level is floats, glides and kick. Pre-requisite: Preschool 1 or equivalent level.

Preschool 3
For children who are comfortable floating and gliding un-assisted. Preschoolers are introduced to front and back kick/swim and deep water skills. Pre-requisite: Preschool 2 or equivalent level.

Preschool 4
For children who are comfortable swimming short distances (5m) on their front and back un-assisted. Children develop the basic skills for the four competitive swim strokes: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. Pre-requisite: Preschool 3 or equivalent level.

Preschool 5
For children who are comfortable swimming longer distances (10m) on their front and back un-assisted. The focus of this level is basic development of front and back crawl. Children are challenged to develop skills at the Swimmer 4 level to prepare them to transition into the Swimmer 4 class. Pre-requisite: Preschool 4 or equivalent level.

Swim for Life® Swimmer

6 years – 12 years
The Swimmer program makes sure children learn the fundamental physical literacy skills for aquatic activities. Progressions accommodate 6 – 12 year olds, including beginners and swimmers who want to build on the basics. Lots of in-water practice develops solid swimming strokes and skills. Water Smart education is a part of every level.

Swimmer 1
The focus of Swimmer 1 is entries and exits, floatation, submersion, breath control, and safe movement in the water. Children are introduced to floats, glides, kick and learning to be comfortable and relaxed in the water.

Swimmer 2
The focus of Swimmer 2 is propulsion through the water: glides and kick. Swimmers are introduced to front and back crawl, whip kick, interval training and deep water skills. Establishes a sound basis for the future acquisition of swimming skills. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 1 or Preschool 5 (and 6 years of age) or equivalent level.

Swimmer 3
The focus of Swimmer 3 is streamline positioning, propulsion and over-arm action for freestyle and back crawl. Swimmers build on skills taught in previous levels: whip kick, interval training and deep water skills and work-up to swimming 25m. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 2 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 4
The focus of Swimmer 4 is strength and endurance for freestyle and back crawl. Establishes basic movements and orientation ability needed for swimming skills like arm action, sculling and breathing. Swimmers are introduced to sprinting, underwater swims and components of breaststroke. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 3 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 5
The focus of Swimmer 5 is speed, arm action and breathing for Freestyle and Backstroke, working up to 50m distances. Interval training increases to improve propulsion and speed. Introduction to breaststroke, butterfly, eggbeater and dives/turns. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 4 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 6
The focus of Swimmer 6 is arm action, leg action and improving technique for Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke and Butterfly working up to 100m continuously. Swimmers are introduced to scissor kick and a 300m endurance swim. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 5 or equivalent level.

Canadian Swim Patrol

8 years – 12 years
The Canadian Swim Patrol program provides enriched training for those who are ready to go beyond learn-to-swim. Progressions accommodate 8-12 year olds who have completed Swimmer 6 and want to build on the basics. These programs continue to develop participant’s swim strokes and provide the skill foundation that prepares them for success in the Bronze Medal awards.

Swimmer 7 (Rookie Patrol)
The focus of Swimmer 7 is perfecting breathing, technique, and stroke timing for: Freestyle, Backstroke, and Breaststroke. Swimmers will improve starts/turns, diving, continuous endurance (400-600m) and arm action/breathing for Butterfly. Lifesaving skills such as: head-up swim, surface dives, primary assessment, calling EMS, and basic first aid are introduced. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 6 or equivalent level.

Swimmer 8 (Ranger Patrol)
The focus of Swimmer 8 is perfecting breathing, technique, and stroke timing for: Freestyle, Backstroke, Breaststroke, and Butterfly. Swimmers will improve starts/turns, diving, sprints and continuous endurance (600-800m). Enhances capability in the water; including stride entry, object support, assisted removals, and lifesaving eggbeater kick. Rescue skills involve an increase skill level in ABC first aid basics, victim recognition, and non-contact rescues. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 7/Rookie Patrol or equivalent level.

Swimmer 9 (Star Patrol)
An excellent preparation for Bronze Star or Junior Master’s, Swimmer 9 demands good physical conditioning and lifesaving judgement. Participants further develop lifesaving and first aid skills, refine all four competitive swim strokes and will be challenged with 800-1000m workouts. Pre-requisite: Swimmer 8/Ranger Patrol or equivalent level.

Swim Abilities

3-17 years

Coming soon! Please email if you are inquiring about the Program.

Designed to support swimmers with special needs in achieving their beginner swimmer goals and to increase their safety, independence, and enjoyment in and around the water. Progressions accommodate swimmers with no previous swimming experience to those building to supported swims of up to 25m. Swimmers are provided with one-on-one support from parents, caregivers or aides who participate in the program with them.

Swim Abilities 1 – geared towards beginning swimming experience.
Swim Abilities 2 – geared towards individuals already comfortable in the water.

Private Swim Lessons

3+ years
New and improved private aquatic lessons now include goal setting, specialized instruction and customization to meet you or your child’s needs. In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll see advanced progression in both technique and endurance. It’s way more than a swimming lesson! We also take Instructor requests and do our best to meet them; when registering please indicate if you have an Instructor preference. Maximum of 1 person. For an additional charge a second participant can be added as a semi-private lesson, please contact us at for more information.

30 minute private lessons – geared towards those learning to swim as they will take place entirely in the Teach Pool (no lane space available)

45 minute private lessons – geared towards those wanting to learn to swim and improve their stroke technique (access to a shared lane and Teach Pool)

60 minute private lessons – In these one-on-one sessions, you’ll see advanced progression in both technique and endurance. It’s way more than a swimming lesson!

One-Off Private Swim Lessons

3+ years
Note: We are currently at capacity for our One-Off Private Lessons. Please email for future inquiries.

If you are not able to find a registered private swim lesson that works for your schedule, check out our one-off private aquatic lessons. Each lesson is scheduled for one hour and you choose the time and frequency. Prices vary based on number of sessions purchased and number of participants in your group. If you are interested in booking private lessons, please fill out our online One-Off Aquatic Private Lessons Request Form.

Note: Minimum of two weeks (14 days) notice to process these requests.

 Number of Sessions  

 Annual Member Price*

 Non-Annual Member Price


 4-12 sessions



 12+ sessions



 SEMI-PRIVATE (2 participants)

 4-12 sessions



 12+ sessions



 GROUP (3+ participants)

 4-12 sessions



 12+ sessions



Adult Lessons

18+ years
The Adult Swimmer Program is for beginners who may be just starting out, or swimmers who want help with their strokes. Within the Adult Swimmer curriculum, participants set their own goals to develop water confidence and smooth, recognizable strokes. Water Smart education is part of all levels. Instructors are prepared to adapt these items and awards to accommodate the needs of adult learners and provide the flexibility for them to select the skills they want to learn in order to achieve their personal swimming goals.

Adult 1 – Beginner
Beginners will start with submerging, floating, gliding, kicking and swimming short distances.

Adult 2 – Intermediate
Intermediate swimmers will progress to deep water treading, freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly and swimming distances of 200m non-stop.

Aquatic Program Schedule

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