• Bachelor of Kinesiology
  • American Council of Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
  • AKA Registered Kinesiologist


Fitness History and Experience
I have always been involved and drawn to things related to sports and fitness. Before moving to Canada in 2015, I was involved in track, specifically 200m, and cycling. I was engrossed in how the parts of the body works individually and how they work together. I discovered studying kinesiology was a way to combine my interest in sports and how the body works together. This helped me progress further in my interests and gave me the knowledge and capacity to help people. It is always fascinating to see what exercise and movement does for the body. I want to inspire people to move, help people reach their fitness goals and help people see that exercise is something that could be enjoyed.

Something Interesting About Yourself
I love to read. I read at least 15 books a year!

Trainer Philosophy
You have to remember that as long as you begin to feel good on the inside, you are on the right track

Raliat Personal Trainer


Specialty Areas

Strength and endurance training, General Fitness, Recreational Athletes, Lifestyle Changes

HIGH Impact on Parking January 26-28. Please plan lessons and classes accordingly. Off-site parking passes are available.
Group Fitness classes in Gym 1 are moved into Gym 5.

DIVE TANK Closed Until Further Notice

NOTE: COLD TUB will be closed Wednesdays from 11am – 12pm & HOT TUB will be closed Mondays 9am – 11am for maintenance