Swimming Pools

North Competition Pool – 1.8m
South Competition Pool –  2.6m
East Training Pool – 3.02m
West Training Pool – 1.2m
Teach Pool – 1.2m – 0.6m

Virtual Tour


Competition Pool Temperature: 28°C
Training Pool Temperature: 28°C
Teach Pool Temperature: 32°C

Private Rental Pricing

25m Pool – $203.20
1 Lane 25M – $25.50
50m Pool – $406.10
1 lane 50M – $51.00
Teach Pool – $144.20

Public Schedule

Pool Rules

  • Bather Load for Competition & Training Pools: 667
  • Bather Load for Teach Pool: 67
  • Children under 9 are required to be within arm’s reach of an adult.
  • No outdoor shoes or strollers on deck.
  • Take a cleansing shower with soap before entering pools, Hot Tub and Steam Room.
  • Breath holding, under water swimming and diving to retrieve any weights from the pool bottom are not permitted.
  • Swim apparel must be clean and brought to the facility for the purpose of swimming (underwear is not considered appropriate bathing attire)
  • All patrons are required to wear bathing suit bottoms (that fully cover the genitals).
  • In the case of patrons who, for personal reasons, cannot expose a part of their body, a modified version of traditional swimwear must be permissible as an alternative.
    • Traditional ethnic clothing (ex. Saris and Hijabs) with a swim suit or undergarments worn underneath
    • Burkinis and rash guards are also examples of alternative swimwear.
  • All users must change in designated locker rooms.
  • Do not enter pools with open sores, infections, or communicable diseases.
  • Children under 36 months and anyone who is incontinent must wear protective swim diapers along with water resistant swimwear to prevent water contamination.
  • Any person with diarrhea or history of diarrhea over the previous 2 weeks must not use the pool facility.
  • Use appropriate hygiene and refrain from grooming.
  • Slow walking required.
  • Play safe and respect other facility users at all times.
  • Bulkhead is for authorized personnel only.
  • Outside toys are not permitted. Mats only allowed in the Teach Pool.
  • Beverages are permitted provided they are in a sealed container only. No glass containers, please.
  • No food permitted.

NEW Member Hours*  – Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm, Members will have exclusive access to the Facility.
Drop-in admission may continue to be purchased anytime outside of Member Hours. 

**Member Hours grants exclusive access to Annual & Monthly Memberships, 10 Pass & 30 Day Card holders, Member Guest & Courtesy Pass holders & Sport Partners,