Free parking is available for up to 3 hours during facility use.

We offer free parking up to 3 hours for our customers while they are inside using the MNP Community & Sport Centre Facility ONLY.

Parking violations may result in the issuance of Parking Authority violation ticket and/or towing of vehicle at the owner’s expense. Some of these violations may consist of, but are not limited to:

  • Vehicle unattended, the vehicle owner has parked and left the premises
  • Parking in Handicap parking stall without Valid Pass
  • Vehicle has been parked on site for longer than our posted Maximum Time of 3 hours
  • Illegal parking on Roadways and/or Fire Lanes

We are constantly striving towards improvements in our customer satisfaction with regards to the benefits and usage of our free customer parking lot, especially during events.

Please keep in mind that our high-calibre sporting events are a dynamic element that help make MNP Community & Sport Centre a world-class facility; and without these events we wouldn’t be able to gain the financial or sport community support necessary to be the world class facility that we are. We also do our best to uphold our dual mandate as directed by The City of Calgary to support both Members and Sport Partner Athletes equally – which also extends to our parking lot.

As well, did you know The City of Calgary owns the building, lot and land that makes up MNP Community & Sport Centre and its surroundings? We are continually looking at options on how to improve the parking lot flow and use of space within our limitations.

During events we ensure fair parking in the following ways:

  • Advanced notice to Members through Event Alerts posted on:
    • Upcoming events on our website
    • Facility signage
    • Macleod Trail digital sign
  • Advanced notice through coaches and instructors for programs running during events;
  • Designated Member Only parking areas;
  • Designated Event Officials and Participant parking areas;
  • Free overflow parking at the Indigo Parking Lot #286 near the Elbow River Casino for Members and Event participants (with a valid parking pass provided by Customer Service or the Parking Attendant);
  • All employees park off-site.

Vehicles are left at owner’s risk

MNP Community & Sport Centre is not responsible for:

  • lost or stolen property
    left in vehicles
  • damages to vehicle

Please note that on-site parking is not guaranteed.

NEW Member Hours*  – Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm, Members will have exclusive access to the Facility.
Drop-in admission may continue to be purchased anytime outside of Member Hours. 

**Member Hours grants exclusive access to Annual & Monthly Memberships, 10 Pass & 30 Day Card holders, Member Guest & Courtesy Pass holders & Sport Partners,