• Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Health Physiology
  • NCCP Level 1

Fitness History and Experience
Fiona received her BSc in Exercise and Health Physiology from the University of Calgary in 1999. Fiona has been working at the MNP Community & Sport Centre since 2003, first as a weight room attendant, then as a personal trainer. She also worked in the Lifemark Lindsay Park Physiotherapy from 2004-2005 as a kinesiologist. Fiona greatly enjoys working with people who have had injuries, hoping to improve their lifestyle with exercise while alleviating the pain of their injury.

Training Philosophy
I believe in starting small with every client. Working on stabilization and balance and then building out from there to create a strong foundation.”–Fiona Yeoman.

Trainer Fun Facts
Fiona used to be a competitive swimmer, competing for the University of Calgary Varsity for 5 years. After retiring from swimming, Fiona tried her hand at running and triathlons. Currently she enjoys going cross country skiing, downhill skiing, water skiing and biking with her family.

Specialty Areas

Pre/Post Rehabilitation, Weight Loss, Muscle Imbalance, Overall Strength, Mobility, Aging Population Training

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